Message me.... I would rather build a little relationship with the people I tattoo before stickin and pokin! It's much more enjoyable if we take our time, have a cup of tea and chat about what it is you'd like to get done. I love hearing stories behind the amazing and imaginative ideas which people come up with for their body art.

This type of tattooing is machine-free, so it’s much less painful (in my experience… but of course it still hurts a bit!) and less invasive, but it does take a lot longer. I have black and dark red inks only.

If you want to go ahead then we will lock a date in and then go back and fourth a few times to refine the idea and design together before and on the day that you have it done. You can tweak as much as you like until you feel it’s perfect.

I love designing unique tattoos for people, so give me as much inspiration as possible.

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Please tell me a bit about you, your design idea, placement etc.. And I'll be back in touch asap!