Like so many others, I choose to start every morning with a massive bowl of cold almond milk oats. In fact the love is so strong that I tend to have this for breakfast every single morning, which although undeniably delicious can begin to seem a little... beige. So these aren’t just oats (as M&S would say in a sultry whisper). These are oats packed with all of the superfood seeds, power-house baobab powder and homemade almond and coconut milk. And this particular oatmeal recipe is also infused with spices and zesty citrus to take your breakfast experience to a WHOLE other level. Not so beige after all...




Servings: person


  1. Mix it all up the night before in a tupperwear - or in your favourite brekkie bowl for super lazy ready-to-eat-straight-from-the-fridge convenience!

  2. In the morning give it a stir and add a bit more milk, some fruity toppings and a sprinkle of cinnamon and seeds if you fancy!



If you want to read about the healthy benefits of oats then you can check out this recipe postfor vegan beetroot bircher oats, which goes into it pretty extensively. Today I am going to talk about baobab.

I get my baobab from Aduna, whose products are just as gorgeous on the inside as they are on the outside – being not only amazingly beneficial for your health, but also fantastic for the producers of baobab fruit in Africa as they are strictly fair-trade and provide sustainable income sources for farmers.

Baobab is a fruit which grows on trees, then the fruit dries out and they make it into a sweet, citrussy, totally organic and natural powder. I’ve used it before for baking into carrot cake muffins, added it to smoothies, but easiest of all is to mix it in with some oats to add a little flavour and masses of Vitamin C to your humble oatmeal. Yep, just one spoon of baobab powder actually contains 33% of your daily Vitamin C needs – which we all know is the antidote to this weird spring cold bug which seems to have swept over London these past couple of weeks.

It’s also packed with antioxidants, which amongst other health-loving benefits, helps to give you that much needed morning energy boost – which is probably why my other half considers this oatmeal bowl to be the breakfast equivalent of potent narcotic. Get the baobab buzz, because it’s way cheaper and tastier than putting narcotics in your breakfast.

Suzie Smith