About suzie

Suzie was unfortunately never a dancer or a gymnast - or even a very enthusiastic mover - instead finding meditation from getting lost in the flow of painting and creating. However, by her twenties she was somehow office bound and suffering from crippling back pain. 


She eventually staggered into a yoga class and despite being the least flexible person there, discovered how good her body could feel, how clear her mind could be, and how to get lost in a different kind of flow.


Suzie quit everything, went on a 12 month exploration of South America and trained as a Vinyasa yoga teacher.


She has been sharing what she knows and loves since 2015: a creative, transformative and playful yoga practice which draws together many different styles and influences she has encountered so far across the infinite spectrum of the yoga world, including hatha, vinyasa, mandala flow, yin and thai yoga massage.


Her classes cultivate a balance of strength and spaciousness in body and mind and a deep connection to the goodness of life, both on and off the yoga mat.


Check out Suzie's class schedule here.


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Recently reconnected to her love of art, Suzie now combines her interest in mysticism and symbology by creating unique handpoke tattoos, which you can discover more about here.



Suzie Hunter-Smith Yoga


Suzie is a 550hr advanced yoga teacher, eternal student, veggie enthusiast, Ayurveda & self care devotee and owner of Peanut, the scruffiest Jack Russell in London.

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yoga classes with suzie...

Suzie's classes are a recipe for feeling alive and full of vitality; a mash up of her many loves, the things which she knows JUST WORK such as: playful dynamic vinyasa, intelligently integrated anatomy & biomechanic knowledge, deep awareness cultivated through breathwork and meditation, a little restorative movement to ground the soul, some damn good music and a couple of laughs.


Suzie mindfully sequences her classes to help melt inhibitions and find balance, intuitively adapting her classes to suit the needs of her students.


There will always be space for silence, a few cracking tunes, many sweaty moments, and a few slow, deep releasing postures.



suzie sends huge thanks...

Suzie is deeply thankful to the inspiring teachers who have shown her the joy of imaginative sequencing, the fascination of anatomy and alignment, and the magic of trusting in the ancient wisdom yoga.


Her first teacher, the beautiful soul Marianne Wells, who guided her through her first 200 hour foundational yoga training in dreamy Costa Rica.


She has since learnt endless practical yoga teaching and life lessons from her wonderful friends and teachers Michael James Wong and Emily-Clare Hill, both via their 50 hour post-grad mentoring course and from the yoga community they created Sunday School Yoga, which she now also helps to organise as a School Captain.


In 2017 she experienced a further 200 hours of advanced learning in Yin & Aryurveda and Mandala Flow & Shamanism with the renowned The Yoga People during a life changing month long immersion in Goa, India.


Suzie is currently feeding her teaching and her soul under the guidance of her teacher Naomi Absalom who runs Liberate & Elevate, a brilliant mentoring programme to nurture and develop existing yoga teachers.


And most recently Suzie underwent an additional 100 hours Chromatic Yoga teacher training in Connecticut, USA, led my Matt Giardano.


Suzie has endless love and gratitude for the yoga community and also the amazing people who come to her classes - all who continue to inspire her every day.